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Privacy statement

With this privacy statement, we inform our customers about the processing of their personal data at Stella Gymnastics. You must agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement in order to use Stella Gymnastics' online store services.

The information we collect may be divided into information provided by the user and information derived from the use of online services.
We use information:

- To provide a safe and easy to use service
- To provide a good customer experience
- For delivery of product recommendations and marketing development
- For continuous development of customer service and e-commerce

Register keeper and contact details

The controller of the personal data processed is:

Stella Gymnastics (Business ID: 2493646-0)
Vantinpuisto 5 E 1, 02780 Espoo

You can ask more about data protection and the processing of personal data by e-mail:

What information can be collected about me?

- Information provided by the user or personally identifiable
- Identification information, such as name
- Contact information such as address, email address and phone number
- Order and payment information in accordance with accounting legislation
- Information on the use of the services observed and derived from analytics
- Purchase history, e.g. ordered products and their price information
- Delivery information, such as the selected delivery method and delivery address
- E-commerce usage and browsing information as well as terminal identification information
- Providing identification, contact and payment information is mandatory when purchasing from Stella Gymnastics online store.

The main source of information is the user himself, in addition to which we may obtain additional information from our partners, such as a credit service provider. We will notify you of personal information we have received from third parties in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation at the first contact with the customer or no later than within one month of receiving the personal information.

What is my personal information used for?

Personal information is used:

- For customer service
- For delivery, processing and archiving of orders
- For development of the company's operations and services
- For improving the customer experience
- For analytical and statistical purposes
- To produce more personalized targeted content and marketing, eg a newsletter
- To prevent abuse
- To provide better customer service


The information will be processed based on the customer relationship between the customer and Stella Gymnastics, the agreement, the use of the website, the customer's separate express consent or legal obligations.

How is my information stored and protected?

All personal data is protected against unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unlawful processing.

Stella Gymnastics stores customer data in Finland. We follow good data protection practices in the processing of personal data and technical solutions. The requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation applicable as of 25 May 2018 have been taken into account in the processing of personal data. 

All access to personal data is controlled in accordance with the best practice.

Who processes my personal information?

Only Stella Gymnastics employees have access to customer data. Our staff has been instructed to use the information safely and ethically. Each of our staff sees customer information only insofar as it is necessary to perform work tasks.

How long will my data be kept?

We will only retain your personal information for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this leaflet. In addition, some information may be retained longer to the extent necessary to fulfill statutory obligations, such as accounting and consumer trade responsibilities, and to demonstrate their proper implementation.

At the customer's request, personal information about him or her may be deleted or anonymized from Stella Gymnastics' systems.

For some information, the legislation imposes obligations on the longer-term storage of information, e.g. for the following purposes:

The Accounting Act defines longer retention periods for information, regardless of whether the material contains personal data or not.
Fulfilling consumer trade responsibilities
System log information is collected and stored as required by law so that we can provide legal and secure e-commerce to our customers
Adequate backups of trade databases and systems to secure data, correct errors and ensure security and continuity

What rights do I have?

As a customer you have the right to:

- Get access to or be informed of personal information about you, including the right to receive a copy of personal information about you
- Request the correction or deletion of personal information about yourself.

You can request the exercise of your rights by contacting our customer service. The request must be sufficiently identified for our customer service to verify your identity. We will notify you if we are unable to comply with your request in some respects, such as deleting any information that we have a legal obligation (such as credit information) or right to retain.

If you find that the processing is deficient or illegal, you have the right to complain to the data protection authority.

How do I get information about myself stored in the system?

You can request the information stored in our systems for yourself by contacting us by e-mail:

How can I influence the use of my information?

We are committed to giving our customers the opportunity to influence the processing of their own information.

You can decide for yourself the marketing targeted to you and whether or not to receive various marketing messages. We are constantly developing our service, so features can be added, changed or removed.

Note! In some cases, not all information may be deleted and legislation may require the retention of some customer-related information.

Privacy statement revised 4.10.2021.

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