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Stella Gymnastics's other services

Stella Gymnastics offers:

Design services

Our designer is specialized in creating leotards and performance costumes, and if necessary, you can only order a sketch of a costume from us. We take into account the customer's needs and wishes and create the best possible model for the customer's body type.
We also offer design services to our colleagues whose sewing shops do not have their own designers.
Remember that as a business customer you can deduct VAT from your invoice within EU! 


Designing and making hair decorations

Our hair decorations are used by rhythmic and aesthetic gymnasts in Finland and abroad. Each hair decoration is individually designed to match the leotards. We take into account the details of the customer's program as well as the rules according to which hair decorations are made.

Maintenance service for leotards

Did you buy a preloved leotard? Or Are you planning to sell your leotard? Or has your beloved leotard been in use for a long time and needs a little care? Leotard maintenance includes minor sewing repairs (for example, if the leotard has a small hole or a seam needs reinforcement), patching of rhinestones (sewn and glued rhinestones) and washing. the price depends on the condition of the leotard and it is determined during the condition inspection.

Exchange service

Do you already have a Stella Gymnastics leotard that is about to go on sale? Do you intend to order a new leotard instead? You can either sell us a used leotard made by us or exchange it for a new leotard by paying the price difference. You get a new leotard at a discount and at the same time you get rid of the process of selling the old leotard. Attention! We only accept Stella Gymnastics used costumes for exchange. 

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