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Hair accessories for rhythmic gymnastics

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Hair accessories are a relatively new trend in rhythmic gymnastics. Only Russian gymnasts are using them at international level competitions for now. However, smaller gymnasts are decorating their hair with accessories at national-level competitions in different countries.

Dina Averina has decorated her bun for the first time at World Cup in Pesaro in April 2019. Famous Russian composition "Eastern fairytales"(Vostochniye skazki) was used in Dina's program with clubs and her leotard absolutely fitted the theme. Hair accessory just elaborated to her style.

Dina Averina, 2019

Already in July 2019 at the first Junior World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Moscow all three representatives from Russia had hair accessories.

Lala Kramarenko, ryminen voimistelu, photo Indrek Kask

Lala Kramarenko, 2019

Lala Kramarenko has competed in two programs with clubs and ball. Both hair accessories used in her looks perfectly fitted the leotards. They were made by Svetlana Gerasimova's studio.

Lala Kramarenko, 2019

The same studio created leotards and hair accessories for Daria Sergayeva, who competed with ribbon, and Anastasia Simakova, who presented her rope program.

Anastasia had a wonderful leotard in Russian national style and she looked like a real Russian empress in the leotard. There was quite an interesting collar in the leotard and Anastasia's hair-do reminded traditional Russian kokoshnik.

Anastasia Simakova, 2019

Daria presented a program with a ribbon where famous composition from the "Ghostbusters" movie was used. The theme was clearly shown in her look. Looking closer at the leotard, one could find there ghostbuster's logo at the back. Daria's hair was also done in a non-traditional way and her hair-do became her visit card lately.

Daria Sergayeva, 2019

Currently, the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team is using hair accessories almost in every program, both for individuals and the group.

Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team, 2021

Stella Gymnastics studio also created and sells hair accessories for rhythmic gymnastics. The accessories are fitted to each gymnast's style separately.

Stella Gymnastics, 2021

By ordering a leotard from us you will get a hair accessory for free. Hair accessories can be also ordered separately to fit your existing leotard. In this case, we will take into account the style of your leotard, its color, and the color of the gymnast's hair.

Every accessory has a basis decorated with rhinestones and a hairband attached to the basis. To choose the color of the band we need to know the gymnast's hair color, for the hairband to be unnoticed. There are also eyelets on the basis that are used to attach basis to the bun or hair. The process of attachment is quite simple and fast. We made a video showing how easy the attachment is.

How to attach rhythmic gymnastics hair accessories?

During the collection of information for this post, I found opposite opinions about the hair accessories for rhythmic gymnasts. Both positive and negative comments were quite equally. Some commenters were telling that hair accessories are going to be a new trend in rhythmic gymnastics fashion. Other ones stated that hair accessories are uncomfortable to attach and use and they do not look good. For sure not every hair accessory is perfect looking!

Dina Averina, 2021

What do you think of hair accessories in rhythmic gymnastics? Would you like to have one? Welcome to share your opinions in the comments!


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