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One special day of a rhythmic gymnast

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

This blog post is full of feelings, especially mother's feelings. It was hard to begin writing it and even harder to finish... as well as gym career in general.

7 years ago we have lived in Jyväskylä and my daughter Anna just turned 4 years. Once we were watching rhythmic gymnastics competitions and Anna told that she wants "same nice dress". We were actually looking for some kind of sports for her at that moment. Quite fast we have found Jyväskylän Voimistelijat club and Amethysts group there that Anna has joined and where were already a few girls of the same age. Due to my lack of Finnish language I didn't realize what "valmennusryhmä" (training group for those who would like to continue in professional sport) is and it was the case :)

Anna's first performance in a nursing home in Jyväskylä, 2015

Yesterday was Anna's last competition day in rhythmic gymnastics. A couple of weeks and new stage will begin. But it is true that last competition is probably the most thrilling and relaxing. We would like to share this day and feelings from it with you.

Anna, 2016

The morning has started at 8 a.m. Every gymnast knows that when class mates see their dreams on Saturday and Sunday mornings, she has to start preparing for competitions and travel there.


And, of course, advent calendar's fourth window!

Then we start the most difficult task of a day for mom, i.e. bun making. Even though Anna has been performing for over 6 years, bun making is always exciting, and I have never learned to do it perfectly :)

All goods are packed and checked.

And we are going to Vantaa, Lumokeskus, where Elise Vantaa is organizing the competitions.

After arrival to the gym hall Anna goes to warm-up and stretch.

During the brake in competitions she goes to try throws on the carpet.

The program well quite good, even though there were some small mistakes, it was quite great in general.

Right after the performance we both got the filling that it is done and finished. It was so strange feeling that we both started to cry and couldn't understand, is it due to happiness or sadness. All pressure of last years was gone and seemed to be just a memory.

We made a couple of pictures and went out of the hall. Anna told me that she recently had a discussion with her friends. They were asking, will Anna stay in gymnastics, if she will win. Anna answered that she won't but then she asked me to check, what were her points.

Anna has got bronze medal and we went back to get it :)

It was well deserved and happy ending.

The sun was shining outside and at the same it was snowing.

In a great mood we went to get some yummies!

And a couple of hours after that we were at home, where dad and smaller brother were greeting Anna.

As Anna said at some point she was thinking of what she would do if she would have all that "extra" time when she will finish with gymnastics. But luckily the answer was easy.

Last half year Anna had classes in the ballet school additionally to gymnastics trainings. Combining those were hard and here the decision was made that she has grown from gymnastics and she would like to continue with ballet and modern dances.

Perfect base was made at gymnastics and she feels comfortable in the ballet shoes! Thanks to a wonderful sport!

Huge thanks to all Anna's coaches and especially to Ege Soidla, who is still very important person in Anna's life! Ege is not only a coach, she is a teacher, supporter to both kids and parents, and a great person who has giant heart full of love!

Thank you Esvoli for being Anna's club for 5 years. Thanks also to Jyväskylän Voimistelijat and Olarin Voimistelijat! You are great sport clubs!

I would like to say thank you to Anna for all of her strength and inspiration that she showed me for these years. How much patience, wisdom and courage you have! How much you have taught us! Go forward only!

The path continues from here and even today is a gymnast's special day, there are many special and wonderful days in future for ballerina!


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