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Rhythmic gymnastics leotards rent: pluses and minuses

Rhythmic gymnastics leotard is an essential (even though not obligatory) part of a gymnast's look. There is no official rule that a gymnast is obliged to have a definite number of rhinestones or specific difficult patterns on her leotard, but for sure all gymnasts, starting from very small ones to the ones competing at international events, want to look glaringly at the carpet.

The creation of a leotard with a large number of rhinestones and complex elements might take a few weeks. Also, the price of such leotards can comprise a few hundred euros and more quite easily. The moment to think of where and when to make a leotard comes when a gymnast starts to participate in competitions. As the gymnast is growing and new routines are developed, the number of leotards needed is growing as well. Little gymnasts are hardly using their leotards more than a couple of times as they grow so fast. An adult gymnast is not growing that rapidly but usually, she needs to have a few leotards for different routines. Moreover, gymnasts are following fashion trends that change quite fast (read our post about the changes in rhythmic gymnastics leotards in time).

At some point, a question of leotard's price will arise. How long will the same leotard serve a gymnast? Are only one or a few leotards needed? And when it is worse to consider leotard's rent instead of purchase?

Let's evaluate the positive and negative sides of rhythmic gymnastics leotard rental. One of the main pros would be saving. Sales price would exceed the rental price at least twice. And there is always a question, what to do with the leotard when it is too small? And what if the leotard does not fit the routine for next season? Also, the gymnasts that compete at the international level usually do not use the same leotard for more than a season. The leotard can be sold but it will take some time and effort from the owner. Renting is much easier. A leotard can be returned even the next day after the competition. The owner will take care of the leotard's washing and corrections if needed.

Sometimes there can be a case when a leotard is needed just once. Leotard purchase would not be the best option then. Or if you suddenly realized that leotard is small or damaged, the competition is quite soon and there is no time to get a new one or to fix the old leotard?

And finally, it can be that the gymnast wants to change her look. You don't have to buy a new leotard immediately for that. Rent can be an optimal solution in this case.

Also, the sustainability of rent should be taken into account. The same leotard is used by a few gymnasts for years and there is no need to create a new leotard using new fabrics (usually synthetics) and new rhinestones made of glass.

We evaluated a bunch of pros for leotards rental and now let's list some cons. It can be difficult to find ideally fitting leotards for rent as leotards are usually made according to individual measurements of a gymnast. Individual measurements are taken only for the first customer renting the leotard and all further customers have to choose a leotard optimally fitting them. This problem can be solved by trying as many leotards as possible and checking which one will fit better. It can be also difficult to find a leotard that will be corresponding the routine's mood ideally. The leotard does not necessarily follow the idea of a gymnast and it can be not "the one and only" dream leotard for her. In this case, only the creation of own leotard can be a solution. By the way, a new leotard can also be rented and given back after its use. Not all studios are providing this kind of service and the price for first rent with individual tailoring can be higher, but anyway it will not be higher than the purchase of a leotard.

There is also a question of hygiene arising for sports clothing usage by different gymnasts. But special underwear use is an obligatory condition for rent. Also, the studio is obliged to wash leotards after every rental.

To decide if purchase or rent would work better for you, we would suggest checking the price of purchased or tailored leotard and to think of the sale price that you would want to ask for the used leotard. If the difference between these two prices is higher than the rental cost, consider rent as an option discussing it preliminary with your gymnast.

Don't forget that first rent is actually a tailoring of a new leotard made according to your sized and as per your taste. At the same time you don't have to think of leotard's resale.

Don't forget that the first rent is the tailoring of a new leotard made according to your sized and as per your taste. At the same time, you don't have to think of leotard's resale.

Stella Gymnastics creates the most comfortable choice conditions for the customers. Ready-made leotards can be purchased or rented from us. Also, we can create a new leotard for sale or rent according to the measurements provided and as per your selected design. We do not limit our customers and want them to be able to choose beautiful and high-quality leotards independently of their material situation.

You can check our leotards available for sale and rent here.

What do you think of leotards' rent? Have you ever rented a leotard? Or do you consider rent as an option? What pros and cons would you add to our list?

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