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Top 5 gifts for a gymnast

Are you going to a gymnast friend's party? Would you like to surprise your friend with a special gift related to gymnastics? Here is our top 5 list that will give you some hints of practical and nice gifts for a gymnast!

1. Back warmer

It is obligatory to warm up before training or competition for every gymnast or dancer. Usually, special exercises are used to warm up that will help to feel warmth in muscles and joints. But it would be even better if a back warmer would be used for a warm-up. Back warmer will support back muscles and will save the gymnast from unwanted injuries and strains.

Back warmer is a tube but every gymnast needs this accessory as it helps to feel more safe and comfortable as well as train more efficiently.

Usually, back warmers are made of polyester and elastane making them comfortable and flexible for movements.

Dvillena back warmers, that we have in our webshop, can be folded to cover the area of the back that you want to keep especially warm. This back warmer is suitable for everyone from 8 y.o. up to L-size for adults. It means that it is impossible to choose the wrong size.

2. Leg warmers

Leg warmers are fulfilling two helpful features, i.e. they keep the leg muscles warm and save from strains. Leg warmers help to provide proper blood flow for stressed muscles. Short or long leg warmers for gymnasts and dancers are a must-have.

Usually, leg warmers are made of a flexible fabric, however, without a stretch band not to overbear the legs during movements.

Leg warmers are quite important not only for gymnasts but for dancers, runners, athletes, and even... tourists. They help legs to stay in a good condition during long walks.

Dvillena leg warmers that we have on our webshop are colorful, flexible, and comfortable. These compression leg warmers have the same structure as compression socks but they are even thicker. The leg warmers do not slip off during training and you can control their height by adjusting them. The leg warmers are produced in one size and suit everyone from 8 y.o. to adults.

3. Medal hanger

A medal hanger helps your medals to show up as they deserve!

A medal hanger is a modern accessory that will help you to keep your prizes visible. This accessory has got its popularity not long ago but it has become an important part of interior for those who have athletic rewards in their families. If you would like to present a gift to a professional gymnast or a gymnast that needs more motivation, a medal hanger will be a great gift to store and show medals.

We have black minimalistic Dvillena medal hanger that will fit any interior.

The hanger is made of carbon steel and painted in forge black. There is a space for about 20 medals (depending on the width of the ribbon) on the hanger. The envelope where it is sent contains a kit with everything you need to hang it: steel stud, screws, and wall dividers. The length of the medal hanger is 34 cm and the height is 11 cm.

4. Hair decoration

Hair decoration for gymnasts are relatively new accessory but its popularity is growing quite fast.

Hair decoration is a beautiful finishing for a gymnast's style. It can be designed to fit a leotard, a program, or the music of a definite program. Hair decoration is very comfortable to wear and easy to attach. The gymnast can attach it herself to the bun, sometimes even hiding small imperfections of the bun ;)

Stella Gymnastics has a blog post where we have made a video about hair decorations attachments. The process is very simple where at first hair decoration is attached with the hair tie and then with two hairpins on the sides. Hair decoration is staying very stable and doesn't require much effort and time to attach.

Hair decorations can be single-sided and suitable for a definite leotard, but we also create new double-sided hair decorations where one side is made of glittery silver fabrics and another side is made of glittery golden fabrics. This decoration would fit every leotard as almost every leotard has silver or golden hologram fabrics used in it.

When the owner of hair decoration will grow, she continues using the gift as it will fit other leotards as well. The same will work if a gymnast is using a few leotards.

Single-sided and double-sided hair decorations can be purchased or preordered from our website. We also design hair decorations that will fit customers' leotards!

5. Gift card

A gift card is a secure and confident choice for a present in case you are sure about the gift recipient's needs but not sure about the good's size, color, and other properties. Stella Gymnastics gift card owner has 1 year to choose high-quality Japanese Sasaki and Chacott apparatus, half-shoes or socks, different comfortable training clothing, overall or two-part underwear for gymnasts and dancers, important bags and covers, accessories, or, for example, use the gift card to order a leotard or a hair decoration.

Gift cards have fixed values from 20 euros to 150 euros, but the value can be also selected by the customer when contacting us.

Hopefully we made a choice of gift for a gymnast easier for you with our hints! :)

What would you like to receive as a gymnastic gift? Have you ever received or given any gifts related to gymnastics?

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